How do Members get a Metaprise account?

Metaprise is an invitation-only platform.   Metaprise invites Accelerators. Accelerators, in turn, invite their ecosystem members.  


What companies can be invited to Metaprise?

Accelerators may invite current cohort and alumi companies that have completed their programs.   The more companies in your portfolio listed the more valuable it is for investor and corporate members.


Can a Metaprise account be shared by teams?

Yes.  Metaprise is an enterprise license.  


Are accelerator ecosystems private? 

Yes.  The only members who can access an Accelerator’s ecosystem are the ones invited by that Accelerator.


Is there a subscription fee?

Metaprise is free for individual Accelerators and their ecosystem members.   There is a subscription fee for multi-accelerator networks. 

Is there a member referral bonus for Accelerators?

Not yet, but there will be for sponsors!   Metaprise will offer a range of paid services in the future.  Accelerators who sponsor new Metaprise members will receive commissions on those services in perpetuity with no caps.