Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Metaprise for?

Metaprise is a network platform that virtualizes the startup ecosystem members that may include but not limited to accelerators, mentors, investors, and enterprise companies.   The Metaprise experience adapts to each type of member. 


What can members do?
Metaprise makes it easier to source startups and curate and promote their portfolios to other ecosystem members   

What is the value to startups?

Metaprise makes it easier for startups engage mentors, investors and corporate partners. 


How do startups get onboarded to the Metaprise network?

Startups are "sponsored" to Metarprise ecosystem members.   T

Can Metaprise Members and Companies invite their teams to join them?

Yes. All Member and Company accounts are team-enabled on Metaprise.

How do Members and Companies get a Metaprise team account?

Members get Metaprise accounts directly through invitations from Metaprise, or from an active Member who is forming or expanding their Private Network. (Find out more about Private Networks below.)

Are there any limits to Metaprise Team accounts?

There are no limits to team size as long as they share the same email domain.  

What is the Metaprise Open Network? 

The Metaprise Open Network includes all Metaprise Companies that are listed by all Metaprise Members. 

What is a Metaprise Private Network? 

A Private Metaprise Network is formed when one Metaprise Member team invites one or more Metaprise Member teams to connect with them. The resulting connections form a private network. Private Networks offer Members exclusive early access to view another Member's companies and request access to Data Rooms -- before the Member lists these Companies on the Metaprise Open Network.

Is there a subscription fee?

No. Metaprise Member and Company accounts are free. Over time, Metaprise will offer optional services to Metaprise Members and Companies directly or through our Partners, similar to having a free LinkedIn account and opting into additional fee-based subscription services.

Does Metaprise offer marketing services to help promote portfolio companies?

Not yet, but there will be soon! Metaprise will offer marketing services to drive attention to and engagement with your portfolio companies across the entire network. Metaprise marketing credits will be awarded to Members based on their membership level and the number of companies they list on Metaprise.

"Metapirise is amazing!  It completely changes how we operate." 

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