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About Metaprise

Opportunities are limited in startup ecosystems due to the lack of a virtual platform for all members to connect and operate efficiently.


That's why we built Metaprise, the open market platform to connect companies with investors from seed through exit. 


At its core, Metaprise is a network platform that makes it easier for companies and investors to connect to close deals.


All members track their deal flow activity through exit.


All members post their successes and news to their networks.

Our Mission

Our mission is to virtualize startup ecosystems to remove barriers to opportunity around the world.


We accomplish this through a market platform for companies and investors that makes it faster and easier to connect and close deals


We LOVE accelerators!
Our focus on accelerators recognizes the vital role they play to organize startup ecosystems and to curate companies across industries and in geographies around the world. 


Questions? Check out our FAQ and/or email us at support@metaprise.com.

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